The road to innovation

Efficiently distribute, manage and support the growth of our brands portfolio anticipating the customer’s needs.

Main Sectors

We are constantly focusing on innovation. We believe technology must be simple and useful to create a better and sustainable everyday life experience.

Automotive channel

We are a point of reference for the automotive channel, which recognizes our wide-ranging product range as absolutely reliable.

Retail channel

Our commitment to the retail channel takes the form of offering a large number and variety of useful products to simplify everyday technology.

MPA TECH is an Italian based company active in the distribution of consumer electronics, accessories and electronic products in the automotive and retail market.

Partnerships: beyond the normal supply of goods

MPA TECH selected over the years a group of national and international suppliers able to offer innovative and reliable solutions for the needs of its customers.

Reliability and respect

The aim of MPA TECH is to strength long term partnership with his suppliers instead of simple buy and sell relationship. Partnership are build on mutual trust and are enforced by result, reliability and respect.

Stable and reliable suppliers

MPA TECH is also sourcing from multiple overseas supplier, mainly in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, where long term relationships exists to ensure reliability and product quality.

Exclusive brands and collaborations

We are the exclusive distributor of Pioneer brand car audio products in Italy and collaborate with other major brands in the market

Our Customers

Our commitment to the safety of future generations

Trillo Pad is an easy-to-use, anti-abandonment device for children up to 4 years old, designed to monitor the presence of your child in the seat. Thanks to its sensors, which are in constant communication with the Trillo Pad App, you will be alerted immediately if your child has been left in the car.